We have prepared the following guide to assist you with your electronic file preparation and submission. If you have a specific problem that is not covered in this guide, or have other questions, please feel free to contact us. Improperly prepared files can cause delays in your order production and delivery.

If necessary, use the "Custom Design" option to upload and scale your graphics to the correct print with bleed size.

Quick Checklist

All fonts are included.
Type is legible and crisp.
Page layout is correct.
Margins are set.
Artwork matches the specified dimensions.
Colors in CMYK mode.

Preferred File Format

Print Ready PDF File

Please submit print ready PDF files for your print order.

PDF Settings

print.HONBLUE.com PDF Settings

To ensure your PDF file is print ready, use the "High Quality Print" settings in your Adobe product or you can download the print.HONBLUE.com to ensure proper PDF output.

File Dimensions

Your File page size should match the product finished size you are ordering. Ex.: Ordering a 11 x 17 Poster. File page size should be 11 x 17 plus 1/8" Bleed. 11.25 x 17.25 should be the PDF file size submitted. Crop marks are not needed in the PDF file you are submitting.

Image Resolutions

All images should be 300 dpi @ 100% for best output. For Banners the resolution can be 100dpi @ 100% due to large file size and further viewing distance.

Color Mode

For accurate results please submit files in CMYK color mode. print.HONBLUE.com will convert RGB and Spot Colors to CMYK for printing.


Please provide 1/8" of bleed on files for print. For Banners, 1/4" of bleed is optional.

Trim Line

The trim line is the final flat dimensions of your printed piece.

1/8" Safety

It is important to keep text within 1/8" inside the trim line to avoid items being trimmed off. On Banners allow 1" safety for Grommets or Banner Tabs..


Be sure to use the Adobe High Resolution Print Setting or the print.HONBLUE.com PDF setting to ensure your fonts are embedded in your PDF file. You can also convert your fonts to outlines in the native application to be sure what you see on screen reflects final output.

Grommets for Banners

Allow 1" Safety Margin for Banner Grommets. See Banner Templates.

Design Guides

Please refer to Product Design Guides when setting up your print files. These can be found in the Design Guide tab of each product.
Or if you prefer to look at all the Design Guides that we have available, please check out our Product Help Templates.

Guidelines by Application

The following outlines the specific file requirements by application. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at print@HONBLUE.com.

Adobe Photoshop

  • Files should be at 300 resolution with the color mode set at CMYK.
  • Files should be saved as a Photoshop PDF (PDF, PDP).
  • Make sure while saving your PDF that the Adobe PDF Preset is set to High Quality Print.

Adobe Illustrator

  • Make sure that when you save the file as a PDF that the Adobe PDF Preset is set at High Quality Print.
  • When saving your PDF File make sure that the Use Document Bleed Settings is checked off for Marks and Bleeds.

Adobe InDesign

  • Make sure that when you export your file as a PDF that the Adobe PDF Preset is set to High Quality Print.
  • Go to the Marks and Bleeds section and check the box for Use Document Bleed Settings.