Value Personal Foldable Partition

Size: 21”w x 23”h x 13”d

Our Value Personal Foldable Partitions are easy to set up and can be transported around for added protection on-the-go. Specifically designed for students heading back to school, these partitions can be used at their desks during class and can be moved from location to location.

Made with translucent corrugated plastic, you can see shapes through it, so teachers can see if the student is on their phone or sleeping!

Additional info:

  • Folds in 3, so easy to carry around with a handle on top
  • Can be cleaned and disinfected for longer use
  • Super lightweight (even our young keiki can carry it)
  • Made to fit most school desks

We also offer a premium option that has a clear window.

Pricing subject to change due to material availability.

If you’re interested in a custom size, please contact us for a quote.


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